Saul Krugman M.D. – Physician, Scientist, Teacher 1911-1995

New York City

Joe Dancis (Left) shaking hands with L. Emmet Holt, Jr., Dr. Krugman stands in the back

Following his discharge from Active Duty in February 1946, Captain Krugman returned to New York City, where he took a position as an Intern at Willard Parker Hospital. Taking advantage of an opportunity to work with Drs. Robert Ward and L. Emmett Holt Jr., Dr. Krugman soon moved to Bellevue Hospital, where, although he began as an “externe” (an intern without a salary) he steadily moved up the ranks, becoming Director of the Pediatric Service in 1960. In addition, Krugman was a professor of Pediatrics at the New York University School of Medicine, where he served as Chairman of that department from 1960-1974. During this time, he began the research on infectious diseases that would come to be the dominant focus of his career, earning him international recognition, including the prestigious Lasker Public Service Award in 1983.