Saul Krugman M.D. – Physician, Scientist, Teacher 1911-1995


After a stroke in 1991, Dr. Krugman recuperated for a while in Florida, but continued to spend time in his lab in New York. Saul Krugman loved his work, and reluctantly retired from the NYU faculty in September 1995, at the age of 84. He moved to Florida with his wife Sylvia, and suffered a second stroke in early October. On October 26, 1995, Saul Krugman died of a cerebral thrombosis. At the time of his death, NYU Department of Pediatrics Chairman Dr. Wade Parks said of Krugman, "Saul Krugman has done more to eliminate pediatric infectious diseases than any other person ever." Krugman's obituary in the New York Times read, in part:

He was a distinguished teacher, scientist and physician, 
respected by his colleagues and peers, and beloved by students. 
A national figure with an international reputation, 
he was the ideal of the physician and scientist. 
He combined the vast knowledge of pediatrics with 
the great abilities of an innovative and imaginative
investigator to the enormous benefit to patient care.

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