Great Strides: Celebrating Women in Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center

Fighting Tuberculosis in Children

Dr. Lincoln aboard a Bellevue ambulance.

Edith Helen Maas Lincoln, MD, (1899-1971) pioneered the use of drugs for treating tuberculosis in children as head of the Children's Chest Clinic at Bellevue Hospital from 1922 until her retirement in 1956. In 1963, she co-wrote Tuberculosis in Children, a seminal book on the topic at the time of its publishing, with Edward M. Sewell.

Dr. Lincoln came to Bellevue Hospital as the first female intern in 1917, and later became one of the first female faculty members at the New York University School of Medicine in 1930. Her work in pediatric tuberculosis and effective drug treatment led to great declines in infant mortality from the disease. Twenty years later, Dr. Lincoln was named a clinical professor of pediatrics. Her drive and dedication proved that women physicians were intellectual equals, and if given the opportunity, could make significant contributions to the field of medicine.