Great Strides: Celebrating Women in Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center

Leaders in Pediatrics

Volunteer from Children's Recreation Service of Children of Bellevue and young patient traveling through the halls of the F and G building ca. 1970.

The department of pediatrics at NYU has a rich history of talented women physicians. Some big names in pediatrics at NYU include:

Janet Sterling Baldwin, MD, (1908-1958) one of the first directors of the Children's Cardiology Service, who introduced pediatric cardiac catheterization to the New York region.

Rosa Lee Nemir, MD, (1905-1992), was director of the Bellevue Children's Chest Clinic. As one of the first women to become a full professor of pediatrics in the country, Dr. Nemir spent her career at NYU and Bellevue, working to discover effective drug treatments for tuberculosis in children.

Ruth Bakwin, MD, (1898-1985), established the first behavior clinic for children conducted by pediatricians. Along with her husband, Dr. Harry Bakwin, she authored a well-regarded text, Clinical Management of Behavior Disorders in Children.

Eugenie Doyle, MD, Professor Emerita of Pediatric Cardiology. Served as director of pediatric cardiology for over forty years. Her contributions include enormous advances in the medical and post-surgical care of young patients.