Pioneers in Public Health The NYU - Bellevue Contribution

Pioneers in Public Health The NYU - Bellevue Contribution


Presented by the Lillian & Clarence de la Chapelle Medical Archives

Among the pioneers who founded and developed the field of Public Health, several of the most significant figures were alumni or faculty of the NYU School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital. Physicians and surgeons like William Van Buren and Stephen Smith established the connection between unsanitary conditions, such as could be found in urban areas and war fields, with the spread of disease. They advocated for public and personal sanitation and fought to establish new concepts such as patient quarantine and the development of vaccines against epidemics.

Contributions from NYU and Bellevue pioneers changed the course of medical history, from proving the clear links between unsanitary living conditions and infectious diseases, to emphasizing the importance of Public Health and the vital role it plays in the prevention of disease.