Medical Faculty of NYU, the Founders of the Medical Department


Medical Faculty of the University of New York and the Founders of the Medical Department:<p> Theodore Frelinghuysen, Chancellor (top row, center); Valentine Mott M.D.(top row, left; Professor of the Principles and Operations of Surgery, with Surgical and Pathological Anatomy); Granville Sharp Pattison M.D. (top row, right; Professor of General, Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy); John Revere M.D.(center, left; Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine); Martyn Paine M.D. (center, right; Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Materia Medica); Gunning S. Bedford M.D.(bottom row, left; Professor of Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children); John William Draper M.D.(bottom row, right; Professor of Chemistry)